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2017 Student Paper Competition

Student Paper Competition


Competition Chair:          Prof. Waleed Khalil
                                      The Ohio State University                        
                                      Columbus, OH

Presentation Schedule for the seven Student Paper Finalists:


Tuesday, October 24, 9:30am (Salon E)

D.3    An AC Coupled 10 Gb/s LVDS-compatible Receiver with Latched Data Biasing in 130 nm SiGe BiCMOS

B. Mathieu1,2, J. J. McCue3, B. Dupaix1, V. J. Patel2, S. Dooley2, H. Lavasani4, J. Wilson5, and Waleed Khalil1, 1ElectroScience Laboratory, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA, 2Air Force Research Laboratory, Dayton, USA, 3The Knowledge Design Company, Dayton, USA, 4Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, USA, 5Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, USA


Tuesday, October 24, 11:00am (Salon ABCD)

G.2    Innovative Submicron Thermal Characterization Method for AlGaN/GaN Power HEMTs with Hyperspectral Thermoreflectance Imaging

G. Brocero1,2, D. Kendig3, A. Shakouri4, Y. Guhel1, Ph. Eudeline2, J-P Sipma2 and B. Boudart1, 1Groupe de Recherche en Informatique, Image, Automatique et Instrumentation de Caen Normandie Universite, Caen, France,  2Thales Air Systems SAS, Ymare, France, 3Microsanj LLC, Santa Clara, USA, 4Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA.


Tuesday, October 24, 11:20am (Salon ABCD)

G.3    Electro-Thermal Characterization of GaN HEMT on Si through Self-Consistent Energy Balance-Cellular Monte-Carlo Device Simulations

A. Latorre-Rey1, K. Merrill1, J. Albrecht2 and M. Saraniti1, 1Arizona State University, Tempe, USA, 2Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA


Wednesday, October 25, 9:00am (Salon ABCD)

K.2    InAlN/GaN HEMT Using Microwave Annealing for Low Temperature Ohmic Contact Formation

L. Chou1, L. Peng1, H.C. Wang1, H. Chiu1, H.T. Wang1, D. Chiang1, J. Chyi2, 1Chang Gung University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, 2National Central University, Taoyuan City, Taiwan


Wednesday, October 25, 9:30am (Salon E)

J.3      Balanced Active Frequency Multipliers in D and G bands Using 250nm InP DHBT Technology

S. Carpenter, Z. S. He, and H. Zirath,
Electronics Laboratory, Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden


Wednesday, October 25, 11:00am (Salon E)

L.2     A 5-15 GHz Stacked I/Q Modulator with 15-19 dBm OP1dB and 26-30 dBm OIP3 in 45 nm SOI CMOS

S. Zihir and G. Rebeiz , University of California San Diego, La Jolla, USA


       Wednesday, October 25, 11:20am (Salon E)

L.3     Fully Differential High Input Power Handling Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier for MIMO Radar Application

M. Sakalas1, P. Sakalas2, 3, N. Joram1, F. Ellinger1, 1Chair for Circuit Design and Network Theory, Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany, 2Chair for Electronic Devices and Integrated Circuits, Technische Universitat Dresden, Germany, 3Fluctuation Research Laboratory, Center of Physical Sciences and Technologies, Vilnius, Lithuania